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Employee Claims Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Harassment to NYU

An administrator from New York University claims that the university retaliated against her by eliminating her position following her allegation of sexual harassment by the former dean of the Schack Real Estate Institute. The woman alleges that at a dinner with the dean, he forced her to touch his crotch while they were discussing a possible promotion.

The woman says that the dean grabbed her hand while they were discussing work, placed it on his crotch and asked her for sex. When she replied that she “was not that kind of girl,” he allegedly released her hand. The dean’s action, if true, would usually be considered a non-consensual, forcible act of sexual harassment.

While the dean has since resigned for medical reasons, the woman says that after she reported the sexual harassment, her job at NYU disappeared. The woman says that she was informed that her position “no longer existed and there was no specific job at NYU into which she could be placed,” the lawsuit says. NYU, however, maintains that she is still employed at the university and she is encouraged to return to her post as soon as possible.

This allegation of retaliation and sexual harassment is one example of the type of retaliation that some employees may face following a report of unlawful behavior. California retaliation for reporting sexual harassment is not allowed under both state and federal law.

Source: NY Daily News, “NYU administrator Stephanie Bonadio says job vanished after her sex harassment complaint,” Barbara Ross, 1/25/2012

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