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Racial Discrimination Alleged at California Car Dealership Owned by Football Legend

The car dealership in Manhattan Beach, which is partially owned by former football player John Elway, is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit by a former employee. The Manhattan Beach Toyota is the defendant in a suit filed by a former sales manager at the dealership.

The plaintiff claims that employees were routinely subjected to racial discrimination in the form of denied promotions, raises and were harassed by the manager at the dealership. The plaintiff alleges that the dealership manager often used racial slurs against employees who were black, Latino and Middle Eastern.

The plaintiff identifies himself in filings as black. The employment lawsuit includes allegations that that former employee was denied a promotion that he deserved after eight years of successful service to the dealership because he is black.

Racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal under both federal and state law. Harassment on the basis of race and being passed over for promotions or raises on the basis of race are not allowed in the workplace. The dealership’s lawyer, however, disputes the claims made in the legal filing, saying that there are misrepresentations and inaccuracies in the suit.

Source: Washington Post, “Minority worker alleges discrimination at football star John Elway’s Calif. car dealership,” 1/9/2012

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