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Pending California Bill Would Help the Unemployed in Job Process

A new proposed bill in California would prohibit employers from discriminating against unemployed candidates in the hiring process. According to advocates of the bill, this type of discrimination has a devastating impact on the long-term unemployed Americans.

A similar bill recently passed in New Jersey that bans employers from advertising positions only to the “currently employed.” A federal bill banning “jobless-need-not apply” ads is also pending.

A recent study of employment position advertisements showed that 150 said that a qualifying candidate must be currently employed. The idea is that employers want employees who have been consistently employed despite the Great Recession. Critics of the new California bill say that it’s not up to the legislature to tell employers how to run their business. The bill could also lead to additional employment discrimination suits.

However, the legislator responsible for the bill noted that a wronged candidate would not be able to sue for money damages. Instead, the company would be fined for their advertisement. California’s current unemployment rate is approximately 11 percent.

Source: Kansas City Star, “California bill would ban employers from screening out long-term unemployed,” Jim Sanders, 1/23/2012

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