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Golden State Warrior Execs Accused of Sexual Harassment

The former director of the Warrior Girls, the cheer squad for the Golden State Warriors, has filed suit against the team for acts that “condoned, encouraged and/or ratified several other instances of sexual harassment,” according to the complaint. This isn’t the first instances of trouble for the California basketball team – others involved in the Warrior Girls have left the squad or settled with the team in recent years.

The sexual harassment allegedly began after Joe Lacob took over as owner in November 2010. Based on the former Warrior Girls’ director, the owner and his son, the Director of Basketball Operations, would routinely request the girls’ presence at non-sponsored events such as private parties. Lacob allegedly asked the girls to perform at his private parties with golf buddies as well.

The reports by basketball source SLAM rely on sources who claim that there were also provocative and inappropriate communications between executives within the Warrior organization and the cheerleading squad.

When an employer requests or demands an employee’s presence at a non-sponsored event that is inappropriate in nature, as a condition of employment, the employer may be held accountable for sexual harassment. Speaking with a California sexual harassment attorney can help you understand your rights to file suit.

Source: Bay Area, “Golden State Warriors Face Multiple Sexual Harassment Charges, According to Report,” Ernie Pomin 1/3/2012

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