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New Year, New California Employment Laws

As California residents ring in the New Year, they will also be ringing in new employment laws. About two dozen employment laws go into effect on January 1 in California.

Relevant laws set to go into effect on Jan. 1 include gender discrimination changes, medical leave modifications and credit check limitations.

A few of the most important employment law changes are as follows:

  • A new law that requires employers to provide employees notice of a number of status and information such as pay details, employment status as exempt or hourly and allowances claimed as part of minimum wage requirements in one place. While many employers provide this information in a piecemeal fashion, employers must change their practices and supply the information in one spot on a new notice.
  • Another employment law expands disability leave for pregnancy disability leave for up to four months. Employers are also required to maintain the employees’ health benefits as part of the group health plan for up to four months. This change applies to all employers with more than five employees.

Several of the laws put additional burdens on employers that are slightly controversial. Advocates of expanding employee protections, however, herald the laws as a strong step in the right direction.

Source: SF Gate, “2012 brings new laws on California employment,” Kathleen Pender, 12/20/2011

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