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Sexual Harassment Takes Center Stage in Presidential Campaign

As the campaign for a Republican presidential candidate heats up, one candidate has become the subject of sexual harassment allegations. Presidential candidate Herman Cain has been accused of engaging in sexual harassment by at least three different women, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

The alleged incidents occurred while Cain was the president of the National Restaurant Association in the mid-1990s. Cain is disputing the allegations of sexual harassment and said that all he was guilty of is “saying hello.”

One of the women who alleged that she was sexually harassed by Herman Cain received a settlement, based on news reports. The woman, through her attorney, has said that she would like to discuss the incident but a confidentiality agreement that was part of her position in the association prevents her from doing so. The association is considering whether to remove the confidentiality clause to allow her to speak about the incident that has become the subject of national news attention.

An individual who allegedly knew Cain in the mid-1990s and was around when the harassment occurred said that Cain subjected female staff members to “inappropriate and awkward comments.” The comments were made by a conservative Iowa radio host.

While the facts of the incidents involving Cain are still disputed, the allegations have brought awareness to the issue of workplace sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be comments, touches, sexual favors, jokes, videos, photos or anything else that makes an employee uncomfortable.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, “Herman Cain: Woman’s statement about sexual harassment may be released today,” Steve Holland, 11/4/2011

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