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Not sure if you are the victim of age discrimination?

Perhaps you have been working for the same California company for years. During that time, you got a sense for how certain supervisors and managers would be as they came and went. Some you like and worked well with, but others you did not.

Now, you have a superior whom you suspect may want you gone or otherwise resents you because of your age. You may need to take some time to analyze your interactions with him or her and really listen to the things he or she says. By doing so, you could help confirm your suspicions, which will help you make a decision regarding what to do next.

Do you work in a hostile work environment?

No one can expect their workplace to be completely free of office politics, interpersonal disagreements, or any of the other things that unfortunately accompany working with other people. You can expect, however, that your workplace will not become a hostile work environment.

Per, a large number of the upleasant things that occur at work are just that. They fail to rise to the level of hostile work environment.

Expecting a child? Understand the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Expecting a child can be an exciting time in any California resident's life. You may have thought about becoming a mother for some time, and now that you are pregnant, you are immensely excited. However, you may get the feeling that some people are not as excited about your news.

In particular, you may think that your employer has taken your good news in a negative way. Though you were just giving him or her a courtesy heads-up about the situation, you may still have anticipated at least a small congratulations. Instead, your boss may have seemed frustrated or even angry about the news.

Did your employer withhold overtime pay for unauthorized hours?

As a worker who receives hourly wages, you undoubtedly try to make it to work as much as possible. Because those wages are so important to you, you do not want to do anything that could put you in line to receive a lower paycheck. You may wish you could have ample opportunity for extra pay through overtime, but the company for which you work may not allow unapproved or unauthorized overtime hours.

Of course, a situation may arise in which you cannot avoid working over your allotted 40 hours a week. You may worry that you will not receive your payment for those hours since you did not receive approval for overtime first. However, if you worked the hours, your employer must compensate you, and that compensation must come at a time-and-a-half rate.

What anti-discrimination laws cover the workplace?

If you are like most people, work is a necessary evil. You need to work in order to live. You probably hoped you would find a job you could enjoy with good people to work with. It may have started out that way, but then things changed, and not for the better.

Someone you work with, a coworker, supervisor or manager began exhibited behaviors toward you that you believe to be discriminatory. You may have taken your concerns to someone within the company as indicated in your employee handbook, but nothing was done. Now, you feel as though you need to look outside the company for help.

How can sexual harassment affect your experience at work?

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment at your workplace in California, it has probably done more than cause you to feel uncomfortable. If left ignored, not only could you experience increasingly negative side effects, but the perpetrator of your harassment may begin to target more people and continue to create a hostile working environment. As soon as you feel that you have been harassed, it is imperative that you bring your concerns to the attention of a superior. 

According to Stanford University, continual sexual harassment may cause you to feel so anxious about going to work that you consider resigning from your job altogether. Pervasive thoughts about the harassment you have been the victim of could affect your ability to sleep or your desire to eat and take proper care of yourself. Feelings of anger or embarrassment may cause you to feel self-conscious and impact your ability to work well with others in your job. 

When discrimination affects an entire family

Often, when people focus on the impact of discrimination, they look at the direct impact that mistreatment in the workplace has on an employee. While these challenges are significant and we have covered many on our blog, it is important to realize that the consequences of discrimination in the workplace often disrupt the lives of many other people. For example, when someone is discriminated against at their job, there are a variety of ways in which their spouse and even children are likely to suffer as well.

For starters, discrimination is often very difficult for victims from an emotional point of view. Negative emotions such as stress, depression and even anger are common, and these emotions often weigh on those who live with a family member experiencing these hardships. There are a lot of other ways in which discrimination directly impacts entire families. For example, if someone is demoted, unable to find work or even fired as a result of discrimination, this likely places significant financial burdens on their family.

Did pregnancy discrimination turn your happy news sour?

Most people have mixed feelings about having children. Some California residents may have known from a young age that they wanted to be a parent, and others may have adamantly known that they did not want kids. Others, still, may have been on the fence until they finally came to an ultimate decision in their adult years.

Whatever the case for you, you recently found out you are pregnant. Whether it came as a shock or a joyous outcome to a plan, you feel excited about welcoming a child into your family. You may have expected your family, friends and other individuals close to you to feel excited for you as well. What you may not have anticipated, however, is the mistreatment in the workplace that followed your announcement.

Partners at Bononi Law Group, LLP, recognized on 2020 California Super Lawyers list

The partners at Bononi Law Group, LLP, Michael Bononi and William Waldo, were both nominated and chosen for the 2020 California Super Lawyers list. This elite list highlights attorneys in more than 70 practice areas that demonstrate outstanding skill, service and achievement in their practice.

Do you qualify for leave under the FMLA?

Some circumstances in life are unavoidable. You may have an immediate loved one who is ill and needs you to take care of him or her, or you may live with a difficult medical condition yourself. In either case, it is difficult for you to go to work every day and handle the complications that your or your loved one's medical needs can present.

Of course, you may worry that, if you miss too much work, you will lose your job, which you desperately need to handle your financial affairs. Fortunately, you may qualify for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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