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Is the federal government ignoring employee rights?

Some Federal Employees say they faced discrimination because they served in the military. According to the accusation against the federal government, employees that served in the Reserves or National Guard were denied promotions.

The employees believe they were denied promotions because they were often away from their civilian jobs, serving the military.

Have you been affected by workplace discrimination?

It is a sad reality that discrimination in the workplace still exists in today's society. Unfortunately, we are all used to seeing news stories about workplace discrimination with far too much frequency.

How can victims of workplace discrimination prove that such conduct has occurred?

California now protects your right to wear your natural hair

For decades, the accepted standard for professionalism in the business world tended to exclude certain people. In order to get ahead, it was necessary to meet this standard at nearly any cost. For example, black people would take drastic measures in order for their hair to be acceptable to the business world. Other people had to deny their cultures and religious beliefs in order to fit the mold.

Federal law may protect people in certain groups, but when it comes to hairstyles and head coverings, the courts ruled that aspect could be changed, so it isn't protected. In response, the state of California recently passed the CROWN Act, which prohibits employers from discriminating against people for their hairstyles or head coverings.

Sexual harassment lawsuit against restaurant chain settles

It is probably no surprise to our readers in California that a restaurant chain like Hooters could face a lawsuit based on sexual harassment claims. After all, this particular restaurant chain hangs its trademark not just on promoting quality food, but also on the atmosphere in the restaurants and, in particular, their employees - specifically their waitresses. Needless to say, in today's society the prospects for maintain such a business model for the long-term could prove to be challenging.

However, it may in fact surprise our readers to learn that a pair of sexual harassment lawsuits against Hooters - the last of which settled recently - were actually filed by male employees of the restaurant chain. According to a recent report, the two male employees specifically pointed to the actions of one of their bosses in particular - also a male.

Are you a victim of constructive dismissal?

Many California residents are not overly fond of their jobs. They may have thought that the position they hold would be a stepping-stone to their real careers but ended up staying in that same position for whatever reason. Of course, just because it is not their ideal job, it does not mean that they want to leave.

You, on the other hand, may have felt comfortable at your job until recently. Suddenly, your employer and your coworkers may have begun treating you unfairly and your work environment may have become increasingly hostile. The problems became so severe than you ended up resigning.

Pregnancy still leads to discrimination and illegal firing

To many, it may sound like something from a TV show about the mid-20th century. But to California attorneys who work on discrimination cases, and to women who have suffered from this discrimination, it’s still a very 21st-century problem. Women still get fired for being pregnant.

Pregnant workers aren’t going away. Almost half of American workers are women, and about 85 percent of women become mothers. As a reminder of the problem and the remedies available to you if you face it, let’s look at couple recent press reports about accusations of pregnancy discrimination.

The basics about wrongful termination claims

Anyone in California who has been fired from a job before knows that it is not a good feeling. We all depend on our jobs to provide the income our families need to buy necessities, so when a person loses a job the impact on the person's family can be significant. However, there are some circumstances in which a person loses a job due to reasons that violate state or federal law. When this occurs, that person may have a valid wrongful termination claim to explore.

The basics of a wrongful termination claim are rooted in either the breach of an employment contract or a violation of state or federal employment laws. For example, most of our readers in California know that employers cannot fire employees on the basis of gender, religious beliefs, race or disability. The basis of the firing must be performance based, in most cases, or for other valid reasons to terminate a person's employment.

Age discrimination and your rights as an employee

You have the right to work or pursue work without fear of discrimination or harassment based on your gender, race, religion and other factors. Despite the fact that there are both state and federal laws in place that protect these rights, some California workers and applicants still experience unfair treatment every day. If you are a victim, you do not have to stay silent.

One of the things that you do not have to tolerate is discrimination on the basis of your age. You may be older, but that does not mean you are not capable of providing quality results and adding exceptional value to a team. However, many employers have a negative perspective on older workers, and you may experience various types of unfair and illegal treatment. You can fight back.

Jury awards $1.58 million in racial harassment lawsuit

Racial discrimination in the workplace seems like it should be part of the past. Unfortunately, racial discrimination still happens in workplaces around California.

A former employee of UCLA Hospital in Santa Monica sued the hospital for racial discrimination and wrongful termination. A jury recently ruled in her favor and awarded her $1.58 million.

Understanding sexual harassment and what to do about it

Over the last few years a spotlight has been shining on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace in America. For a time, news reports popped up seemingly every day about another corporate chief executive or celebrity who acted inappropriately in the workplace and who, sometimes years later, was finally being held to account. Understanding the issue of sexual harassment and what to do about it when it occurs is still a major concern for millions of people in the workplace.

Although any instance of sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable, there are varying levels of severity. For example, overt, unwanted sexual touching or demands for sexual favors in exchange for job security are clearly some of the worst instances of sexual harassment. When these incidents occur, it is fairly obvious that they constitute sexual harassment. However, there are other situations in which workers may feel uncomfortable, but are not sure that sexual harassment has occurred.

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