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Employment Contracts: Helping Employers

The proper and strategic handling of employment contracts and employment contract negotiations can save your company money in numerous ways. For example:

  • Through negotiations, you can work to limit severance pay liability and other costs.
  • Through the proper drafting of contracts, you can prevent employees from competing against your firm when they leave.
  • New hires may wish to negotiate regarding stock options, vacation, bonuses and other issues. The proper handling of negotiations and contract drafting can protect your firm’s interests.
  • If an employment dispute arises later, a soundly drafted employment contract can be used to promote your firm’s interests and prevent litigation.

If your small, medium-sized or large California firm needs advice, counsel or representation regarding employment contracts, contact the Pasadena employment law firm Bononi Law Group, LLP. We work directly with employers to ensure that their rights and interests are reflected and protected in employment contracts.

Does your California business need help drafting an employment contract? Contact Bononi Law Group, LLP, at 213-550-5503 for experienced and professional legal help.

Our firm works with companies ranging from small local firms to Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 firms. For over 20 years, we have worked directly with clients’ human resources staff and hiring managers in the drafting of employment contracts for managers, executives, CEOs and other staff members at every level. For more information regarding our advice and counsel legal services, call a lawyer at 213-550-5503.

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