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Drug And Alcohol Testing: Understanding Employer Obligations

Do you own, manage or work for a California business that plans to require drug and alcohol testing for prospective new hires? Before you proceed, consider hiring an experienced employment law attorney to ensure that you follow all applicable state and federal laws.

Legal issues resulting from drug and alcohol testing are common. Frequent legal problems include:

  • Unlawful drug testing
  • Inaccurate results and false positives resulting in infringements on workers’ rights
  • Inconsistent application of mandatory drug and alcohol testing requirements leading to charges of racial discrimination or other forms of discrimination

For professional and knowledgeable legal help regarding workplace drug and alcohol testing, contact Bononi Law Group, LLP, at 213-550-5503.

The lawyers of Bononi Law Group, LLP, have worked with hundreds of California employers of all sizes and in a broad range of industries regarding workplace drug and alcohol testing. We can provide advice, counsel and representation regarding:

  • Policy development
  • Compliance with the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act
  • Alcoholic employees and employees with chemical dependency problems
  • Employee discipline and termination
  • Collective bargaining over drug and alcohol testing and grievance arbitration hearings
  • In-house training sessions
  • Development of return-to-work plans and “last chance” agreements and contracts

Firms that mishandle drug and alcohol policies and procedures and employee drug and alcohol use run the risk of liability and costly lawsuits. For more information regarding our advice and counsel legal services, contact us at 213-550-5503.

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