Why File a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

It can be difficult to take legal action, but here are three important reasons why you should consider doing so:

badge Seeking back pay:
Being out of a job means you’re not getting paid. A successful wrongful termination claim can help you obtain back wages and extra punitive damages.

badge Protecting your job:
If you want to go back to your job, you should be able to do that. Don’t let your employer’s actions determine your future.

badge Sending a message:
By filing a wrongful termination claim, you’re sending a message to your employer and other employers that firing employees for wrong reasons will not be tolerated.

We help employees who were wrongfully terminated based on race, sex or age. If you believe you were fired because the color of your skin, your gender, your age or another reason not related to your job performance, find out about your options.

When you fail to take action, your employer wins. Remember: You don’t have to face this alone. Our attorneys are ready to step in, protect your rights and help you seek the best results possible.