William Waldo

WILLIAM S. WALDO: I became and employment lawyer because no two clients are the same. No two problems are the same. No two solutions are the same. What I enjoy the most about employment law is making a difference. If you represent employees, you make a difference in their lives. If you represent employers, you make a difference in the lives of every employee in the workplace of that employer. The most important characteristic I have as a trial lawyer is my preparedness, my preparation. When I walk into the courtroom, I'm more prepared than the judge, twice as prepared as my opponent, and five times more prepared than the witness who thinks he's smarter than I am. The personal goal in each case is the same.

And that is, at the end of the case, I want every client to believe in their heart of hearts that everything that could've been done to solve their problem was done. I sum it up in four words. I want every client at the end of the day to say, "Damn, he was good."