Michael Bononi

MICHAEL J. BONONI: I know I've successfully represented a client when I've developed a longstanding relationship, when they come back to me in the future with additional legal issues, when they refer their family and friends. When you've developed that relationship over time and you've become their lawyer, that's when you know you've done a good job. And that's when you know you've developed their trust. I've been practicing law since 1987. And one of the reasons that I went into this profession is going into a courtroom, going in front of a jury. It's the only thing I've found as an adult that gives me the same rush that I got as a child when I played sports, that adrenaline, that excitement. We're there to fight for a cause. I've always enjoyed that aspect of this job. And I really like representing people in courtrooms and a trial. By representing both plaintiffs and defendants, I've developed a unique perspective on employment litigation. There's nothing that I haven't seen. And there's nothing that I can't handle. And that is a real benefit to doing both sides.