About Bononi Law Group, LLP

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At Bononi Law Group, LLP, in Pasadena, California, we aggressively represent clients facing employment, business and commercial disputes, and other legal challenges. We are recognized throughout California for providing skilled and experienced legal representation to small and medium-sized businesses and to employees:

  • Employment law legal services to businesses. We work primarily with firms that have annual revenues of between $2 million and $20 million. Often, companies of this size have no staff attorneys or familiarity with employment law. Our extensive experience handling employer-employee disputes gives us a unique perspective regarding resolution of such disputes. We also offer advice and counsel to employers and cost-effective employment mediation services to California companies of all sizes.
  • Employment law legal services to employees. Employees who face harassment, discrimination and retaliation by employers often have little understanding of their rights and little time to learn about employment law. If you have questions about possible mistreatment by your employer, we can explain your rights and provide aggressive and knowledgeable representation.

They accurately predicted every move the other side made and simply "out-lawyered" them. - Michelle

You Do Not Have To Choose Between Quality And Cost-Effectiveness

At Bononi Law Group, LLP, we believe that everyone deserves skilled, experienced and competent representation. We provide high-quality, "big-firm" legal representation and outstanding personal service at small-firm prices. Our combination of effectiveness and affordability helps us fulfill our mission, which is to represent and protect the interests of all parties facing employment law legal challenges. Check out our client testimonials or our online reviews to read about the experiences our clients have had working with us.

If you need experienced counsel in business and commercial litigation matters or with respect to an employment dispute, contact a firm that has resolved thousands of disputes and counseled numerous firms. Call Bononi Law Group, LLP, at 866-295-7512.