Have You Been Retaliated Against For Taking Medical Leave?

You have numerous legal rights in your workplace as an expectant mother or father, or as a person with a disability or an ill family member. A primary right pertaining to pregnancy, disability and illness is the right to take time off of work under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

When your employer retaliates against you because you take time off or indicate a desire or intention to take time off under legal guidelines, your employer breaks the law. At the Pasadena employment law firm Bononi Law Group, LLP, our medical leave termination attorneys have helped employees following employer retaliation for more than two decades.

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Medical leave retaliation can occur in many ways, but usually involves:

  • Lack of promotion opportunities
  • Reduced pay
  • Denied bonuses
  • A demotion or a transition to a less desirable position or duties upon returning to work
  • Wrongful termination

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