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Sexual Harassment Survivors Take To Social Media With #MeToo


It all started when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted, "If you have been sexually harassed or assaulted write 'me too' as a reply to this tweet."

That was Sunday, October 15. Now the hashtag #MeToo has gone viral. Millions of women and some men have spoken out on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms sharing their stories of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.

Common hypothetical sexual harassment scenarios

One of the biggest problems with sexual harassment is that it often goes unnoticed. The victims of sexual harassment do not always realize what's happening to them until things get out of control. Take a look at the following examples of sexual harassment scenarios that happen every day in Los Angeles. Have the following situations happened to you?

A female worker is at her desk trying to do her job in peace, when a male superior comes up behind her and starts to massage her shoulders. The action might seem innocent enough, especially if the male superior tries make it seem natural. However, the female employee feels uncomfortable and awkwardly turns her chair around to face the man. The problem is, the unwanted touching happens again and again on a daily basis and the female employee is afraid to speak up because of the potential consequences that could result.

Fired illegally during a company reorganization?


Job loss through a layoff or company reorganization is a difficult thing to go through. But it is something many companies have to do - and something that many employees will have to go through.

Unfortunately, some businesses take the opportunity to dismiss certain employees during a company reorganization. This is often done for discriminatory reasons, where certain groups of employees are targeted:

What steps can I take if I'm being sexually harassed?

Countless women are sexually harassed in California at their workplaces. In fact, this behavior is so common that many women simply try to ignore it and hope that it goes away. The problem is that it usually never goes away and only gets worse.

If you want the person who is sexually harassing you at work to stop the behavior -- and if you want to protect your legal rights -- here's are the steps you should take:

  • Write down every inappropriate comment that the harasser makes, take note of every sexually harassing behavior that the harasser inflicts upon you and -- if there is physical evidence -- take photographs.
  • Save all texts, all photos, all voicemails and all emails that exhibit the person's sexually harassing behavior.
  • Tell the offender to stop and do it clearly and precisely. Assert yourself in this regard and don't be nice about it. Simply be clear, and tell the offender to stop.
  • File an immediate report with the police if you have been subjected to physical or sexual assault.
  • Check your employee handbook to determine the procedure for someone being sexually harassed. Who is the person you're supposed to talk to? Send an email to this person and complain orally to this person.
  • If any retaliation ensues following your report of sexual harassment, be sure to complain about it in writing.

Producer Harvey Weinstein faces numerous sexual harassment accusations spanning decades


Sexual harassment can happen in any industry.

Film producer Harvey Weinstein has recently been accused of sexual harassment and unwanted physical touching by several women. The reported acts have occurred over the course of three decades.

Can I be fired while taking medical leave?


Medical leave is an important benefit available to most employees. It allows employees to take time off to attend to a health issue or to care for a sick loved one - or after the birth or adoption of a child.

California employees may take time off for certain family and medical reasons through:

Ex-Playboy Playmate gets $150,000 in wrongful termination suit

Ex-Playboy Playmate Christine Richters -- who was working for a politician in Southern California as an aide before she was fired -- has settled a wrongful termination lawsuit for $150,000. According to the woman's lawsuit, she was forced to endure a stressful work environment that involved unrealistic demands from her boss, County Supervisor Todd Spitzer.

As causes of action in the lawsuit, the woman alleged harassment, disability discrimination and retaliation. The county ultimately settled the woman's lawsuit, saying that it did so because of technical issues about overtime and at-will employment. The county claimed that the settlement was a business decision that it made in an effort to prevent further lawsuits.

University professor who harassed student permitted to return

A professor of counseling education at San Jose State University has been accused of sexual harassment. The university says that the man harassed one of his students by asking her to date him.

With the man's return to campus, however, the tension between students and the professor is increasing. Students are protesting his return by dropping his classes.

New law seeks to stop sexual harassment by venture capitalists

It doesn't matter how incredible your idea for a startup company happens to be. If you can't get funding, you're out of luck and your business plans will never come to fruition. This places venture capitalists in positions of enormous power -- one that they sometimes take advantage of by subjecting entrepreneurs to sexual harassment.

Startup business owners -- especially female ones -- have long been forced to bite their upper lip and put up with the sexual harassment inflicted upon them by venture capitalists. However, this may soon change after the introduction of a proposed California law.

Situations in which you're protected from wrongful termination

Many California residents find themselves in difficult situations at their workplaces where they have witnessed or been subjected to unlawful things. In these incidents, the victims or witnesses may be terrified to report the problems to superiors out of fear of retribution or of losing their jobs.

For instance, perhaps you saw a supervisor sexually harassing your coworker. Or, due to your position and job, you were privy to information about embezzlement by a colleague or supervisor. Alternatively, you might have knowledge that your company is violating environmental protection laws.

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