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Workplace discrimination against cancer patients and survivors

There is good news for cancer patients: Cancer survival rates are at an all-time high. But dealing with cancer is no easy task. Cancer patients must endure physical pain, aggressive treatment plans, emotional ups and downs and so much more.

Many people with cancer want to continue working during and after cancer treatment. Unfortunately, many cancer patients and survivors are subject to discrimination at work on the basis of their medical condition or disability. After going through so much, patients and survivors deserve much more than workplace harassment and discrimination.

Ex-University of California employee settles harassment suit

A former employee of the University of California has settled her sexual harassment lawsuit with the school. According to the woman's case, her abuser -- who was the law school dean from the university at the time -- subjected her to almost daily sexual harassment that included hugging and kissing. Eventually, the woman escaped the harassment by using her own sick days and vacation time.

The law school dean, as a part of the settlement, will give $50,000 to charities chosen by the woman, and $50,000 to her lawyers. The former dean, who already resigned from his position as dean, has also agreed to resign from the University of California faculty at the end of May 2018, and after that time, he will not be present on campus.

Were you the victim of pregnancy discrimination?

Sometimes a California worker plans on getting pregnant, and sometimes the pregnancy comes as a complete surprise. Regardless how you became pregnant, though, California state and U.S. federal laws protect you from being discriminated against by your employer due to your reproductive status.

In spite of these legal protections, numerous women find themselves losing their jobs -- or missing out on important job opportunities -- because they became pregnant. A typical example would be a woman who announces to her boss that she is pregnant; and, three weeks later, she's out of a job.

Bill O'Reilly accused by another alleged sexual harassment victim

Twenty-First Century Fox plans to investigate Bill O'Reilly regarding sexual harassment complaints made against him by a Los Angeles radio personality. Radio show host Dr. Wendy Walsh says that O'Reilly revoked a job opportunity following her refusal to meet him in his hotel room. O'Reilly has denied the claims.

According to Walsh's attorney, the radio personality isn't asking for money. She just wants accountability. She said that she met O'Reilly for a dinner at a hotel four years ago. The meeting was to function as a job interview. In order to stay professional, she wore a black dress that went down below her knees and she only drank a single glass of wine.

Did your employer refuse to let you have a lunch break?

Let's say you went to work on time every day for the last three months in a row. You even worked a massive amount of hours in overtime. The problem is, while you were working, your employer refused to let you have periodic meal breaks and rest periods. You have been left exhausted and working under tough conditions.

So many Los Angeles workers are unfamiliar with employment laws and the protections these laws offer them. For example, did you know that rest periods and meal breaks for workers are mandatory in a lot of cases?

Are janitors at higher risk for being sexually harassed?

There's a very sad fact that all California janitors and cleaning staff members face. They are at high risk of being the victims of sexual harassment, and even sexual assault. This article seeks to explain why janitors are at risk, while also informing janitors and cleaning staff that under absolutely no circumstance should they ever have to put up with this kind of disgusting abuse.

There are many reasons why janitors are at high risk of being abused by sexual harassers. Here are some of the more common reasons why:

Protect your rights under the Family Medical Leave Act

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was created to offer some classifications of employees 12 weeks of job-protected leave in certain circumstances. The FMLA further requires businesses to offer their employees group health benefits, which must continue during any leave period.

Perhaps your wife recently gave birth to your first child. This is a situation in which the FMLA would apply. Both you and your wife would be able to take job-protected leave from your jobs in order to take the time to care for your newly born baby.

Disability discrimination is on the rise


There is troubling news in the American workplace: Disability discrimination rates are on the rise.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there were 28,073 disability discrimination claims in 2016. In comparison, there were 25,165 claims in 2010 and 14,893 claims in 2005.

What does the data tell us? There may be many factors at play.

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