Retaliation for Taking Leave

Legal Help Following Employer Retaliation for Leave Taking

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You have numerous legal rights in your workplace as an expecting mother or father of a newborn, as an expecting mother or father of an adopted child, as a person with a disability or as a family member who must care for another family member with a serious medical condition. Taking job-protected family leave or medical leave is an important right for eligible employees with a disability, who are pregnant or are sick; the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees your right to this leave.

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When your employer retaliates against you because you take time off or indicate a desire or intention to take time off under legal guidelines, your employer breaks the law. At the Los Angeles employment law firm of the Bononi Law Group, LLP, we have more than 20 years of experience helping employees who have been mistreated by an employer or suffered employer retaliation after taking or requesting job-protected leave.

Recognizing What Constitutes Employer Retaliation For FMLA Leave

Workplace retaliation can occur in many ways but usually involves:

  • Refusing to grant FMLA leave for an eligible employee
  • Discouraging an employee from taking medical leave or family leave
  • Failing to promote an employee who has used or requested family or medical leave
  • Lowering or docking pay for taking FMLA leave
  • Denying earned bonuses
  • Demoting a worker or transitioning him or her to a less desirable position or duties upon returning to work
  • Firing an employee for taking leave, also known as wrongful termination

Retalliation for taking medical leave is often not as obvious as your employer telling you that you are fired for taking leave. Typically, an FMLA retaliation case requires a full investigate by an employment lawyer to get to the bottom of employer mistreatment. Our FMLA retaliation attorneys will evaluate your case and provide aggressive and knowledgeable representation in your potential lawsuit. We have handled hundreds of employment law disputes against California employers and are passionate in our defense of employees' rights.

Your employer cannot manipulate your schedule or the hours you have worked in order to stop you from becoming eligible for leave protections under the FMLA. If you have questions about how on-call time is usd to calculate eligibility for FMLA leave, you should consult an attorney.

Helping California Businesses Understand Their FMLA Obligations

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Have You Been Punished For Taking Legally-Protected Work Leave?

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