Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Nobody should have to tolerate sexual harassment at work. But, unfortunately, workplace sexual harassment is a problem that many people are forced to deal with.

The law protects workers who experience sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Victims deserve to learn about their legal rights and options. Let's take a look at some examples of sexual harassment at work.

Two Types Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment usually occurs in one of two guises. The first is the "classic" yet infrequent "quid pro quo" scenario, which involves a proposed exchange. Examples include:

  • Sexual favors in exchange for a raise or promotion
  • Sexual favors in exchange for not being terminated

The second involves an atmosphere of harassment, intimidation and/or discrimination. Examples include:

  • Unwanted jokes, gestures and comments
  • Unwanted touching
  • Repeated unwanted requests for dates
  • Transmitting, displaying or posting sexual emails or pictures
  • The playing of sexually suggestive music

There are many other examples of sexual harassment. It is important to remember that both forms of sexual harassment are illegal. Victims should not hesitate to speak to an attorney to learn about their legal rights and options going forward.

How We Can Help

Bononi Law Group, LLP, has handled sexual harassment cases for more than two decades. We are in court weekly defending clients' rights.

We have multiple lawyers included on the California Super Lawyers list and an attorney who has been selected as one of The Best Lawyers in America each year for more than 20 years.

We represent both employers and employees in sexual harassment cases, and our legal representation has yielded positive results in countless cases. In a recent case involving multiple counts of sexual harassment, we settled for amounts exceeding $400,000.

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